EPIC Photonics Sensors of Safer and Intelligent Oil & Gas Producers [workshop]

HYDROPTICS was one of the subjects of the workshop, the coordinator of the project was one of the speakers.

The subject of the project was:
The use of photonic technologies is well known at the oil and gas industry as they allow for real-time monitoring of temperatures and pressures in downhole petroleum and geothermal environments to maximize resource extraction. In this meeting, we will explore fiber sensing technologies for downhole oil reservoir, well and pipeline structural monitoring but also other spectroscopic techniques able to provide multicomponent analysis of complex gas mixtures and for environmental control together with the key players in the development of photonic technologies and the main end-users in the sector.


Link: https://www.epic-assoc.com/epic-online-technology-meeting-on-photonics-sensors-for-safer-and-intelligent-oil-gas-producers/

Video: https://youtu.be/LimpZKrpfYw?t=4159