D9.1 – Dissemination plan & material (website, logo, etc.)

This document explains the dissemination plan of the HYDROPTICS project, including detailed description of upcoming actions, the workload of each Partner in the dissemination actions. It describes in details all the dissemination means to be used, the targeted stakeholders, and the special events to participate and organize. Projects website and social media pages are identified as a primary platform for dissemination of the project goals, methodology, and the outcomes, hence, a detailed description of the websites structure is presented. The document attempts to address the following points:

  • What is the dissemination strategy for HYDROPTICS?
  • What is the dissemination plan of the HYDROPTICS?
  • What are the actions to be done for dissemination?
  • What are the main dissemination channels?
  • Who are the targeted audience for dissemination?
  • Updates on dissemination kit
  • HYDROPTICS website presentation/description

This document will be a guideline throughout the project lifespan for dissemination activities. The Consortium will follow the strategy of the dissemination defined in this document.

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